Rare Diseases and Orphan Drug Awards

Arindham Chaudhuri

Indian Institute of Planning and Management, India Email: [email protected]

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Expert Level

The award is recognition to the professionals who have made outstanding contributions to Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery Science research development. It is the symposium’s most prestigious award and is designated as the Scientific Service Achievement award. The eligibility criterion for this award is that you must have at least 20+ years of public or private sector related experience. The winner of this award must have a committed interest and take the initiative to study recent trends and innovations on Macular Degeneration Science topics. You can nominate deserving personalities for this award online.

Professional Level

The award is for professional or academic researchers experience gained in the field Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery Science in the public domain or private sector for experts with the most vital accomplishments having 10+ years of research experience in the field Optometry and Vision Science. The experience of part-time work will be regarded as a pro-rata. It is measured from the date you received the (first) degree which entitles you to begin a doctorate (either in the country where the degree was obtained or in the country where the researcher is recruited), even if a doctorate was never been initiated or expected. You may apply for the award online.

Scholar Level

The conference is presenting the Scholar Level award for future scientists, researchers, and experts with 10+ years Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery Science research experience. Our conference DRUG CHEMISTRY CONF 2020 aims to offer the best platform for expanding your network by sharing your on-stage research knowledge. Presentation involves 25-30 minutes of oral debate on the conference theme-based scientific research topics along with 5-minute panel discussions. You can nominate online deserving of the award.

Women Scientist

Our conference provides women scientists with a unique platform for an in-depth analysis of the latest research projects. We cordially welcome university/industry women scholars and scientists with 10+ years of research experience to join the forum. We are glad to encourage our women scientist participants through research awards and provide assistance for women scholars in career development and research guidance through our collaborations. Women scientists can nominate deserving of the award online.

Outstanding Speaker

The award honors the recognized individuals who have present their initiatives, approaches, and schemes to boost long-term performance Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery Science.

Best Keynote Speaker

The award recognizes the Best Keynote speakers who will present their projects, strategies, and schemes to improve long-term excellence in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery Science. If you are accepted as a keynote speaker by Program Manager, you can nominate deserving of the award online.

Best Poster Presentation

Students poster competition is organized at the conference DRUG CHEMISTRY CONF 2020, to encourage students and graduates to show their research. All approved abstracts will be discussed during the conference at the poster sessions. The goal of symposium DRUG CHEMISTRY CONF 2020 is to set up a platform for all aspiring scientists and researchers to present their work in real-time and share their views and aspects relevant to the

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